Freeze dried miraculin extract is the purified active ingredient of the amazing miracle fruit. It has the fascinating biochemical effect of making unpleasantly sour foods like lemons and limes miraculously taste delicious and sweet. This has numerous applications that have only begun to be fully investigated including uses in flavour masking, weight loss and uses for diabetics and chemotherapy patients.

Our miraculin extract has no additives, flavourings or binders. Compared to the fresh or dried fruit, it is much easier to manage and it won't go off nearly as quickly. It is perferct for large-scale applications.

We currently are offering massive savings on bulk and wholesale purchases of miracle fruit. We are happy to supply an MSDS for your convenience. You can also view a sample COA for our batches of miracle fruit on this site.

To make a wholesale order of our miraculin, please email us on to discuss your requirements.

Disclaimer: We only ship outside the EU, unless your intended use is not for foods or medicines. EU orders are only made with the full understanding that miracle fruit is sold strictly not for human consumption. Please email us for more information.



4 February 2020: Wholesale prices slashed

We've recently reduced our wholesale prices and you can now buy our miraculin from as little as $1/unit. We are happy to supply to individuals or companies hoping to launch new miraculin products or to conduct research on the properties of this amazing glycoprotein. Please contact us for further information.

29 January 2013: Latest batch

We just completed processing a large batch for a US company researching the effects of miraculin. We're pleased to report that we have recently been refining the process and this was the highest quality batch we've produced yet. The weight per unit was roughly 0.5g which is an excellent result.

29 March 2010: More press coverage

We've recently added articles from the Express in Washington and FindingDulcinea to our media archive. Check out what the papers are saying about the miracle berry.

1 January 2010: Happy New Year!

Everyone here at wishes all miracle fruit fans a great 2010!

1 December 2009: Happy Birthday Wholesale Miraculin!

We turn 2 today! Hoorah! We're been shipping miracle fruit and messing with the world's tastebuds for two whole years now and how quickly it's flown by. Thank you to all our customers.

20 November 2009: Xmas posting dates

We will be closed over Xmas and the New Year and Royal Mail has announced their last recommended posting dates for Xmas. In order for us to get your miracle fruit in time for Xmas, please ensure that orders destined for the UK are placed and paid for in full by the end of Tuesday 15th December (GMT). For international purchases, we ask that your orders are completed by the end of Friday 4th December. We hope you enjoy your miraculin and have a great holiday season.

21 October 2009: Delays due to postal strikes

Due to ongoing staggered postal strikes affecting various parts of the UK, please be aware that your order might take longer than usual to arrive. Rest assured we are doing everything we can to dispatch orders promptly but we appreciate your patience during this industrial action.

27 March 2009: CNN coverage

Miracle fruit was featured on CNN Health last week and sales have shot through the roof!

13 March 2009: Chemo miracle

We've read several peer-reviewed papers that suggest that miraculin can help make food taste better for chemotherapy patients and now miraculin is being used in a $100,000 clinical study. The aim is to use miracle fruit to help patients with the metallic taste they get as a result of their treatment and to help prevent loss of appetite.

23 January 2009: EU Orders

We are obliged to remind our EU customers that miracle fruit is not a food nor a medicine and is sold strictly not for human consumption. We still believe that our product is completely safe but customers in the EU can only use our miracle fruit for research purposes. Please email us for more information.

1 January 2009: Happy New Year Miracle Fruit Lovers

A happy and prosperous New Year to all our customers from everyone at Wholesale Miraculin.

15 December 2008: Seasonal Delays

Please note that orders place over the festive period may experience delays due to the overloaded postal systems. Rest assured we'll keep doing everything we can to get your miracle fruit to you as quickly as possible.

20 August 2008: Certificate of Analysis now online

We're pleased to annouce that we have produced a COA of our miracle berries to prove we have the stricted product standards and to give a bit more information about freeze-dried miraculin.

8 July 2008: Miracle Fruit on UKTV

Those of you with access to the UKTV Food channel should watch out at 7pm tonight for a feature on our miracle fruit. Market Kitchen are talking about our miraculin and don't worry if you can't catch it, because the show is airing again at 8pm on UKTV Food +1.

23 June 2008: Wholesale Miraculin on BBC Radio

We had another radio interview last week, this time with BBC Radio Scotland. It's great to continue getting the word out there.

16 June 2008: Another busy week

Miracle fruit has been cropping up everywhere recently. On Saturday we did a radio interview for Talk107 and there have also been features on Richard & Judy as well as the Graham Norton Show. Sweet!

9 June 2008: Miracle fruit in The Sun

Just when we thought it couldn't get any more popular, The Sun - the most highly cirulated English-language newspaper in the world - included a feature on miracle fruit today. We've also had a mention in The Mail On Sunday. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more press coverage in the coming weeks.

4 June 2008: UK Press discovers Wholesale Miraculin

There were more articles in the British press today courtesy of The Telegraph and The Mail. The BBC also picked up the trail again. Keep your eyes peeled for more mentions of miracle fruit or miraculin.

3 June 2008: Now in The Indy

The Indepedent ran a piece on miraculin this morning and pictured our actual miraculin!

29 May 2008: Delays due to Digg

Since the New York Times article came out we were Dugg (again!) and we've been completely inundated with orders since. All our staff are working overtime to get your miraculin out as quickly as possible. However, due to the overwhelming volume, we're experiencing delays so please accept our sincere apologies. Don't fret, you will get your order and we really appreciate your patience - it'll be worth it when you experience the amazing effects of the miracle fruit.

28 May 2008: New York Times article

The New York Times published perhaps not the most original article on miracle fruit today. Also, please remember to consider donating to charity for no cost when you buy!

Following the disasterous cyclone in Burma earlier this month, we're asking you to help us raise relief money - with more than 100,000 people feared dead the need to respond is immediate and vast.

If you donate $5 or more to the Disasters Emergency Committee (copy and paste the text from the e-mail confirmation you receive and include it in your PayPal payment or by email to us) we will refund you $5 from 10g orders of miracle fruit. Please give generously and if you'd prefer us to donate your refund, do let us know.

29 April 2008: Only vendor still in stock

Following the recent hype about the miracle berry, we are one of the only stores with stock remaining. If you want to receive your order without a two week delay, buy from us. We are dispatching all orders as soon as possible and lots of people have already been in contact to let us know how much they've enjoyed their miracle berry experience - keep your reports coming :)

28 April 2008: News coverage

We've been featured on the BBC and twice on Digg recently - we hope everyone who's ordering enjoys this amazing berry chemical. Orders are still going out the same day if possible. Remember that while other companies have cynically raised their prices because of the increased demand, we're still the cheapest vendor and that we ship worldwide.

20 March 2008: Easter bank holidays

It is the Easter holiday in the UK here from 21 March to 24 March - the postal services are not working so there may be some delay in your orders. Any purchases made over Easter will be dispatched first thing on Tuesday 25 March so they arrive as soon as possible.

19 February 2008: Latest batch in - shipping very soon!

We're pleased to let you know that the current batch of miracle fruit extract is ready and we will be shipping all your pre-orders shortly. We have just sent a sample to the lab to analyse it and test it is of the highest quality and purity. We expect to get the results in the next few days and will send out all the packages immediately and email you to confirm that they have gone out. Thank you for your patience.

1 December 2007: Wholesale Miraculin Launches

We are delighted to announce that Wholesale Miraculin is now open for business. We hope you enjoy miracle fruit as much as we have. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop us an email. Our product is currently in stock and ready for same-day dispatch.